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About Per Fidem Designer Shoes & Bags


      Thank you for visiting Per You obviously appreciate fine quality, unmatched craftsmanship, and cutting-edge Italian fashion. Our talented artisans design and create Per Fidem’s stylish custom handbags, luxurious shoes and fine leather accessories only in Italy and just for you.

Anyone can wear Per Fidem well, and ladies of all ages. It’s a classy brand for everyone, and not just about today’s fickle fashion trends. The Per Fidem line of gorgeous imported Italian handbags and luxury designer shoes was created by our founder, J-Diaz a woman passionate about making sure that high quality designer shoes and leather bags could and should look simply fabulous. It is her passion to share that pleasure with you here, both online, and also in person at her new store.

The word "luxury" is something that makes you feel good, not just about the price you paid for an item. Our handbags are the same, or better quality of today’s even more-expensive bags, but smart ladies know much of today’s high-end brands’ prices are just paying for a brand name itself, when quality is the main thing a lady wants from her handbags and shoes.

At Per Fidem, our mission is to make high-style luxury leather bags and Italian designer shoes available to all women—because everyone deserves to have beautiful, durable and reasonably priced accessories to complement their outfit. Our loyal customers shop confidently knowing that Per Fidem uses genuine Italian leather and detailed craftsmanship in all of our women’s handbags and shoes.

Ladies value the expertise and innovations put into each of our luxury leather bags and Italian designer shoes, and love to show off each new style to friends. Above all, they strive to be a woman’s woman, looked upon for fashion inspiration by everyone they meet. We understand that at Per Fidem. Our number one priority is to bring our customers the highest quality, most sophisticated handbags, shoes, and fashion accessories available.

We stand behind our products 100% and can’t wait to see you wearing them. To learn more,  email us now at


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