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Oct 26th 2016

When you want an impeccable accessory that shows off your fashion sense and personality, chances are you turn to Italian leather handbags. Not only are they meticulously crafted, but designer handbags are somewhat of a status symbol. They show everyone who crosses your path that you have it all together. You want one, and you want one bad, but do you really have to spend a fortune to get it?

Popular Designer Handbags Made with Italian LeatherYou are in the market for a new Italian leather handbag, and you want it to be exceptional quality, handmade, and gorgeous. So let’s take a look at what you can expect to spend if you want an Italian leather handbag crafted by some of the top designers in Italy:

  • Bottega Veneta – Located in Montebello Vicentino, Bottega Veneta clearly represents high-quality Italian leather and luxury handbags. If you opt for their famous Knot clutch, you can expect to spend an average of $2,000. But that’s just the starting point. Their sought-after Venata hobo will run you closer to $3,000, while their Cabat tote is more like $4,000.
  • Gucci – Gucci has been a respected and desired Italian leather handbag for decades, but their name recognition will cost you. Their GG Marmont averages roughly $2,000, the Sylvie collection retails for about $3,000, and select Dionysus styles are above $4,000.
  • Fendi – Offering several collections of designer handbags, Fendi has long been associated with timeless style and exceptional quality. To own one, you can expect to spend about $2,000 for their 2Jours collection, $3,000 for their Dotcom selections, and $4,000 for the Peekaboo Italian leather handbags.

Get the Same Quality without the Excessive Price Tag

It’s understandable that you desire a high-quality Italian leather handbag. After all, they are made exceptionally well and hold up to the stressors of everyday life. But you shouldn’t have to spend a small fortune to get a gorgeous bag that was designed by a fashion expert and handcrafted from Italian leather. At Per Fidem, most our Italian designer handbags cost less than $200, and even though the price tag is much lower than the aforementioned designer brands, you will still get an equivalent quality—sometimes even better. Our handbags are handcrafted out of top-quality Italian leather. Our styles are diverse and eye-catching, and we keep functionality at the forefront of our creations.

So when it’s time for you to choose a new designer handbag, save yourself a substantial amount of money and opt for Per Fidem. You can still show off your sophisticated fashion sense and experience the benefits of a meticulously made handbag—you will just have money leftover to spoil yourself with something else. Might we suggest a new pair of designer heels?

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